Cycling Antarctica to the South Pole

the Last Degree – the world’s first group fat bike expedition to the South Pole from the 89th parallel “Antarctica

local cyclists Indonesia

Saving Hot Spots

If you care about the state of the planet, which I assume is a given for most cyclists, the news

One bike two people

International cycling day/month/decade

Cycling is fun. Cycling is healthy. Cycling is exciting. Cycling, according to some, can even save the world. Others claim that bicycle


The Place

I would imagine we have all had a similar experience. You do not recall precisely when you first heard or


Understanding 7EPICS

Do any of these strange foreign terms – Friluftsliv, Shinrin-yoku, Hygge, Wabi-sabi, Kaizen, Gemütlichkeit, Jugaad – mean anything to you?