Cycling Antarctica to the South Pole

the Last Degree – the world’s first group fat bike expedition to the South Pole from the 89th parallel “Antarctica

Fiona and Beate ride past a huge Saguaro cactus.

Prickly Characters

An unmistakable symbol of the American West is the trident shaped cactus standing boldly through the heat and dryness of


Tour d’Afrique Riders Speak Out

“Cairo to Cape Town unfolded into amazing adventure where we had the opportunity to cycle through some of the beauty

coca leaves

Coca: The Sacred Leaf

An intro to a seemingly simple leaf that symbolizes the complexities of traditional Andean culture as well as modern politics


Bamboo Road- Shanghai Shenanigans

On Sunday, September 20th this year’s Bamboo Road group met in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai to begin their 3-month,