Embark On Your Own Cycling Odyssey From Athens To Amsterdam in 2017

Every Friday afternoon around 15:30 or so, the staffers at the Toronto TDA office drag themselves away from their electronic devices and gather at the conference table in front of a giant world map. With a cold craft beer in hand, they talk over the week’s events and dream up new tour possibilities. It was during one of these sessions a couple years ago we realized that, although we had two wonderful European tours, the Orient Express & the Trans-Europa, there was a large blank spot in the Balkans.

Border crossing photo into Mongolia

Crossing the Gobi Desert

The 2016 Silk Route tour rolled out of Beijing two weeks ago en route to the legendary metropolis of Istanbul

first beers after Sudan

The Beers of Africa

Sure, of course the riders of the Tour d’Afrique will cover almost 12,000 km, pass through 10 African countries, see