Silk Route 2008

The 2007 Silk Route was a fun, action packed few months – long days on the road, hot temperatures intertwined with fantastic scenery that changed daily, delicious local produce, sampling the local alcohol, enjoying delicious taste sensations at local restaurants and cafes, sweating on long hot riding days, enjoying fast down hills, drinking copious amounts of liquids, great sunrises and sunsets, eating more delicious peaches and watermelon at lunch trucks than you could poke a stick at, working on bikes, sleeping in tents, enjoying hot showers, taking photos, meeting new people, learning foreign words, having a cold beer at the end of the day, sleeping as much as you can, eating like a maniac on rest days and generally going along with the flow!

The 2008 Silk Route Expedition departs in less than 7 months! Please join us on this incredible adventure. Bike through 8 exotic countries. Register now to experience Asia from a unique perspective.

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