2021: A Summer Full of European Cycling Adventures


UPDATE December 2020: As we continue to modify our plans based on health and border restrictions, we have moved the Pub Ride to 2022 and The Odyssey to 2023. Our tours calendar is always kept up to date with the latest tour changes.  


‘Being able to think about and imagine something positive in the future has benefits in the present’
New York Times article ‘Longer, Slower, Farther. Savoring the Prospects of Future Travel

The northern hemisphere summer is in full swing and what a summer it’s been.. what a year it’s been! Just like TDA Global Cycling, many of you have had your travel plans and dreams for the summer of 2020 go from “I’m so excited!” to “I think I’ll sit this one out”. Instead of vacations and adventures abroad, hopefully most of you have had a chance to head out into nature for cycling, camping, forest walks or whatever is giving you renewed energy and peace at this time.

2021 Will Be a Big Summer for Europe

We are also very heartened that many of our followers are optimistic as well..with 2021 European tours filling up faster than expected.

At this midsummer moment, we wanted to look to the future, and the summer of 2021, to let you know that TDA will be running our classic European tours; the Pub Ride, The Odyssey, Trans Europa and the Orient Express. This means we are busily planning to run cycling tours in more than 30 [18] countries in Europe next year! A summer of Europe indeed that gives us great hope and optimism for a return to cycle touring. This is the first phase of our full 2021 calendar roll out later this year.

As we recently read from Cycling UK “Look to the future… While you might not be able to ride with your pals or club right now, there’s no reason you can’t be planning your cycling trips for when things start to improve… Plan a weekend, a week or longer.

Now of course, we aren’t sprinting ahead blindly. We talk and strategize about how to restart safely and responsibly. We are not afraid to adapt when the virus requires it (keep an eye on our Covid-19 information page which we keep updated with the latest information).

But for many reasons we are cautiously optimistic for 2021 and hopeful for a continued progression in Covid-19 treatments and vaccine knowledge. We are also very heartened that many of our followers and past participants are optimistic as well. Evidence of this is in the surprisingly strong registrations – with 2021 European tours filling up faster than expected.

Whether it’s sharing a pint on the Pub Ride, some calamari in Greece on The Odyssey, bratwurst and sauerkraut on the Orient Express, or a cool Provence rosé on the Trans Europa, we are ready for our return to Europe in the summer of 2021.

What Our Registered Riders Are Saying

We felt that hearing from some of our 2021 European tour registrants, would give further perspective on what our cyclists are dreaming and hoping for, and why they’re keen to cycle with us.

So we asked a few of them, what are you most excited about?

Kelly from Oregon, USA

What gets me most excited about next summers European cycling trip? That there will BE a European cycling trip! Of course, we don’t really know that to be true, but we can hope and we can fantasize. I’m excited to get back exploring other countries on a bike, reconnecting with friends from my last Tda trip… and experiencing travel post pandemic…If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that our freedom to travel can be taken away in a blink of an eye. I have done a lot of traveling in the last several years and I’m grateful that I did. Now I can’t wait to go again. All the things you worry about become less of a worry… fear of getting lost, fear of getting hurt…none of it matters. Getting out in the world again is all that matters.

Kelly did The Odyssey in 2019 and is hoping to come back in 2021 to do our longest European tour – Trans-Europa.

Theresa and Donnie from Mississauga, Canada

Partly it’s visiting all the great cities, but also the small villages in between and enjoying the beauty of the countryside. And of course, the pubs!

Donnie and Theresa Morris are from Mississauga, Canada. They will be first time participants with TDA. They are getting ready for the Pub Ride which starts in late May 2021. (Pub Ride has been rescheduled for 2022)

Barbara and Grant from Swansea, UK

Barb and Grant in Greece

Exploring new countries with diverse cultures, places, people, landscapes and languages. This tour will help us connect up the bigger picture of Europe including it’s rural heartlands and larger cities. Getting back out in the saddle for an extended tour!

Grant Duncan and Barbara Tate rode The Odyssey as in 2019 and also couldn’t resist taking on an even larger challenge on the Trans-Europa 2021. They also shared this advice for people doing their first TDA tour – “Stop along the route to enjoy the small places, cafe bars etc: one hotel ends up pretty much like another so don’t rush to get there and miss a lot on the way. The TDA packing advice is good – you don’t need the kitchen sink but if it says you need lights then bring them – you’ll need them. Know your bike and have it serviced before you come.




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