Carbon Neutral +

Tour d’Afrique was conceived, in part, to champion the bicycle as an alternative to the automobile. The Expedition points out that a group of individuals can cross a continent like Africa in 100 days. By biking and by delivering the message for a rational approach to transportation, we hope to make an impact both on decision makers and on the people around the world.

When TDA began in 2002 scientists generally agreed that fossil fuel combustion was one of the primary reasons for the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and for the phenomena we now call climate warming. Now there is general agreement that Global warming is happening faster than expected. There is ample evidence that climate change hits one group disproportionately and unfairly and that is the poorest of the poor. Some companies and individuals are now buying carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprints. We have decided to go beyond this approach and invest in a whole community.

We plan to support a community in Ethiopia with a project called TREES FOR HEALTH & WEALTH. This project will plant trees (including bamboo which produces 35% more oxygen than other trees) and prevent the indiscriminate burning of bamboo, vegetation and indigenous forests. It will teach soil conservation, water harvesting, improved agricultural methods & income generation as well as promoting measures to improve health, sanitation and water accessibility.

We will begin in 2009 by planting 5000 trees, the result of which will make our company, including participants on this year tour, carbon neutral. Our goal, however, is to plant 10,000 trees so we hope that TdA riders, their families and friends will join us and make a donation to the Tour d’Afrique Foundation, specifying our Carbon Neutral Plus Plan.