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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

These protocols will be reviewed and adjusted based on local health regulations and accepted best practices. Further detailed information will be provided pre-tour to registered riders.

Health Declaration

This declaration signed the day before the tour starts, in the starting locale, ensures that we are all arriving healthy, with no Covid-19 symptoms, and without any known exposure to COVID-19 in the preceding 2 weeks.


Full vaccination with an approved COVID-19 vaccine is required for participation on our upcoming tours. This is to increase safety for yourself, all fellow participants and staff, as well as the local populations along the route. Many countries are also likely to require proof of vaccination for entry purposes.


Hygiene protocols include frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces on tour vehicles and equipment and COVID-19 food safety practices as outlined by the Canadian government. In addition, hand sanitizer is available at all times on our tour vehicles and at our hotels.

Physical Distance

During the tour, with the exception of other participants and staff, we will practice 2m physical distancing with local populations where possible. Where physical distancing is not possible, or when in public indoor spaces, face masks will be worn by all cyclists and staff.

Protective Equipment

Staff on tour will be supplied with face masks, disposable gloves, and face shields. They will be using these as local regulations require. Participants will be informed of protective equipment they are required to bring as well (such as cloth reusable face masks, and hand sanitizer).

Local Partners

We are discussing with each hotel and restaurant we will be using on tour, regarding their COVID-19 safety measures, and confirming they align with the regional COVID-19 health regulations, as well as our own.

Local Knowledge

As for all our tours, our staff are prepared with local knowledge of nearby hospitals, clinics, emergency and public health contact information, and in communication with our TDA head office, are ready to assist our cyclists with any medical issue.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at +1 416 364 8255 or via email at info@tdaglobalcycling.com.




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