Rider Fundraising

The Tour d’Afrique has been blessed with some incredible riders who have used their adventure cycling across Africa to raise money for a number of charities and NGOs. As of July 2009, the total amount raised is over 700,000 Euros!!

The organizations that have benefited from these incredible efforts include:

We encourage you to consider donating to these fine organizations.

Of course, many thanks go to the riders who, in the midst of preparing for the adventure of a lifetime, took the time to organize fund-raising campaigns for these charities.

Cheers to:

Trina Prior, Peter Roberts, Lynda Brookbanks, Carrie Buckmaster, Scott deMoss, Ruth Dobson, Nicholas Fawcett, Chris Fenar, Liam Fisher-Jones, Kim Fransden, Lindsay Gault, Kirstin Heiland, Charles Ibsen, Shuresh, Kurjah, Megan O’Brien, Peter Prins, Kendra Ryan, Horst Schlenker, Paul Spencer, Francis Staunton, Marlie Van Der Merwe, Bastiaan Van Meerteren, Terry Wall, Adrian Munday, Kari Vigerstol, Dylan James, Mariana Olivieri, Cat Wirth, Jamie Kerr, Geoffrey Miles, Vitali Parkhomenko, Shona Duniam, Anthony Willis, Alexander Sudbury, Dennis Kipphardt, Randy & Steven Murchison, Luke Naish, Yousry and Sherine Zaghow, Ramses Noshi, Mohammed Hussein, Omar El Nagger, Sherief Elkatsha, Nicola Metzer, Harmut Bogel, Jennifer Crake, Erin Sprague, Catherine Hardee, Dana Farrell, Deb Corbeil, Dave Bouskill, Jos Malherbe, Sunil Shah, Eric Olverson, Paddy Berkery, Jacob Warner, Bill Nelems, Tim Thomas, Jason Becker, James Brown, Malcolm Campbell, Anne Price, Peter Rombaut, Robin Stott, Ted Webb, Simon Trevarthen, Ann Gallagher, Alasdair Condie, Victor Kroon, Edvard Sloots, Tim Gane, Briuce McPhail, Peter Hodes, Werner Bitzer, Viv Horton, Simon Gardner, Carola Tize, Eric Aagaard, Evelijn Tjarks, Jamie MacRae, Bent Nielsen, Bruno Boilard, Ton de Jager, Ashleigh Emerick, Maxime Allard, Spiros Analytis, Maria Abagis, Kerri Finlayson, Debbie Menzies, Harrison Keenan, Ursula Haas, Rae Simpson, Chris Wille, Jan Eisenloffel, Brian Hoeniger, Rod & David Pennington, Craig George, Kristen & Leigh McAdam, Basil Heald, Bonnie & Paul Paridaen, Eric Aagaard, Bill Dodds, Joanne Demler, Sandra Simon, Hans Walbohm, Adrie Frijters, Ruth Storm, Howard Fairbank, Markus Widmann, Briain & Anne Lewer, Armin Kohli , Scott Allen, JJ Hilsiinger, Mike Ogg, Paul Tuthill, Giles Trevethick, David Sylvester, Marc Mentink, Phillippa le Roux, Urs Hausermann, Ayesha and Muslim Harji, Raj Saloooja, Edwina Mattinson, Randy Pielsticker, Joan Louwrens, James Lockley, Arthur Rijk, Irmie Bush, Catherine Corne, Tim Padmore, Paddy Frankel, Michael Raine, Stanley Flax, Juliet Wolfe, Jenny and Kees Vonk, Jonny White, Len Spratt, Michael Coo, Greg D Wells and Paul Otten.




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