Tour d'Afrique


Tour d’Afrique 2013 – 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town – the ultimate test of endurance and tenacity amidst some of the most beautiful environments and cultures in the world…a test of mind, body and bike…riding more than 70 miles per day more than 50 fearless riders will compete to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Each day yields new and unexpected challenges, discoveries and friendships. Cinelli Bootleg takes part in Tour d’Afrique 2013 using a special frame, specifically designed for ultra cycling races: the HOBO RATS!! Handmade in Italy by adopting Columbus tubes, with passion and experience.The new bootleg is a pure synthesis of the highest level of Cinelli’s know-how in terms of steel frame and long race.

CINELLI BOOTLEG Tour d'Afrique 2013
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