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TDA Global Cycling is committed to providing our clients unparalleled personal challenges on two wheels and the experiences of a lifetime.

7 Epics

The 7 Epics is the ultimate cycling challenge. A series of 7 supported cycling epics that touch every corner of the globe.


Giving back, helping get bikes to those in need.


Over the years, our tours have caught the attention of many media outlets.

Featured Story

NAE 2013 - Stage 09 - Rob stunned by the Alaska Highway in the Yukon - by Nina

What’s Happening Now

Quebec City skyline with Chateau Frontenac at sunset viewed from hill

From Quebec City to New Orleans in 2016

Introducing the French Connection (full details here). The name of the tour quickly points out the connection between Quebec and

01 featured

Local transport of Nicaragua

As a former car guy and now bike nerd, I am always intrigued by the unique forms of transportation used in different places around the world.


Eyes Ahead: Patagonia Looming

It’s a place that stirs the imagination of travelers all over the world. Rugged, iconic mountain peaks. Crystal clear river water. It’s the bottom of the world — Mordor, where Frodo fatefully destroys the ring.