We upload all our latest videos from the field here. Check back often to see stories from those who decide to join our unique cycling tours, and to get a feel for the people and places we experience along the road on these long distance journeys.

Tour d’Afrique

Our flagship tour across Africa! Since 2003 we have been running this annual event from Cairo to Cape Town. Each edition is its own unique experience. The route changes, the cyclists change, the road conditions change. What does not change is the immense satisfaction of completing an epic bike ride across the African continent and all the experiences that go along with it. Making new friends. Opening your mind to different cultures and ways of living. Letting yourself live in the moment. Shot in 2019, this video introduces you to some of these riders and takes you along on their ride across Africa.

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North American Epic

This is the longest supported cycling tour in the world – rivalled only by its counterpart, the South American Epic in the southern hemisphere. This unmatched adventure of 5 and a half months covering 14,000 km is hard to describe as one cohesive thing. It is a patchwork of cultures and natural wonders. It is a bicycle tour, but also a social experiment each time a new group of riders gathers to cycle and live alongside each other for months on end – camping, eating, chatting, and struggling together. This video from 2019 shares the insights from some of the participants as they ride from the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Canada, south through mainland USA, and across Mexico and Central America.

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Viva Italia

All roads lead to Rome – so the saying goes. And after many years creating epic tours to the 4 corners of the globe, TDA finally created a tour in the cycling mecca of Italy. It was long overdue. This video – shot during the 2019 tour – takes us on a visual feast across Italy. The unique route takes riders north from Rome to Florence, soon after which they board a ferry and begin island hopping across Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily.

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TDA Global Cycling: The Origin Story

“We’ve never organized anything like this.”

Those were the words Henry Gold used at the pre-tour briefing in Cairo, 2003. It was something new, untested and full of potential pitfalls. But the next day, he and 32 others set out to cycle across Africa. After 4 months, much adversity, some discomfort, and several thousand pedal strokes, they arrived in Cape Town. Henry’s company has gone on to create long distance cycling adventures on 6 continents, which have been completed by thousands of participants from around the world. This video is a reflection on that journey. The filmmaker sat down with Henry and he shared stories and insights into what the last 20+ years have meant to him.

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