What to Expect

Fully Supported Cycling Adventures

Experienced Tour Leaders

On our long distance cycling routes, having a knowledgeable and skillful tour leader is more than just nice – it’s essential for a successful tour.

Helpful Support Staff

Bike mechanics, chefs, medics, drivers, and local staff keep you on your bike and pointed in the right direction throughout the tour.

Baggage and Emergency Support Vehicles

Enjoy the safety and convenience of at least two support vehicles on every tour. Only carry what you need for the day, and make use of a lift from one of the support vehicles when you’re unable to ride.

Unique Accommodation Options

From 3 star hotels to eclectic indoor accommodation to rugged camping, depending on your choice of tour.

Quality Food for Hungry Cyclists

We pride ourselves on providing tasty, nutritious and plentiful meals – whether prepared by our chef (camp tours) or at the hotel restaurant

Freedom to Explore your way

Cycle at Your Own Pace

We don’t ask you to ride at any particular speed, or force you to ride as a group. Choose who you ride with each day, when to stop, and what sights to take in along the way.

Ride Your Own Bike

Fly in with your bike. We’ll help you reassemble it, and you’ll complete the tour on the bike you’re used to and have already outfitted just the way you like.

The ‘Sweep’ is Never Far Behind

Rest assured that whether cycling across the deserts of Sudan or through a busy city in Europe, our staff cyclist “sweep” won’t be far behind.

Recharge at Our Roadside Lunch Stop

Halfway through your day, you will find our lunch vehicle next to the route with fruit, water, and sandwiches to fuel the rest of your ride.

Detailed route notes and navigational aids

Each evening you’ll be briefed on the next day’s route and given turn by turn directions. During the ride, watch for bright flagging tape marking important turns, and GPX tracks on certain routes.

A Unique Group of Adventurers

Cyclists of all ages and backgrounds

With ages ranging from early 20s to early 70s, our cyclists are students, retirees, self-employed, unemployed, with backgrounds in construction, finance, marketing, education and every other profession you can think of.

People from all over the world

Come and meet people from across the globe. Our participants typically come from 10 or more different countries in North America, Europe, Oceania and beyond.

Each tour and each year is a little different

Many cyclists join as solo participants, and some couples or siblings ride together as well. Our groups average 30 cyclists but can be as small as 10. The riders come with a variety of cycling experience and fitness levels.

Camaraderie Built Through Shared Experiences

The tours offer an opportunity for strong friendships to form. Sharing a common goal with others will allow you to get to know your fellow cyclists very well.

We’re There Before and After the Tours Too

Information Bulletins for Registered Riders

Important information for your tour is emailed throughout the 9 months leading up to the start – everything from how to pack to choosing a bike, and from travel insurance to where to meet the group.

Expert Staff Ready to Answer Your Questions

There is a lot to do to prepare for a tour – flights, visas, travel insurance, vaccinations. Our office is staffed with experience cyclists who are knowledgeable about our various routes and ready to help.

In-country Support

We help you assemble your bike, and host an important pre tour briefing to go over daily routines and to clarify any misunderstandings. Your night of accommodations before the first riding day is included in your entry fee.

Help Packing Your Bike at the Finish

Our bike mechanic will provide you with a bike box and assist you to get your bike packed and ready for the flight home.

Celebration at the End

At the end of each Full Tour, we have a big celebratory dinner where your tour jersey and medal are handed out (mailed to riders leaving earlier on in the tour).

Hungry for More?

Watch our videos, read our blogs, and check out our instagram photos to get a vicarious introduction to cycling on a TDA tour.

Or go deeper and review the various tours options using Tour Finder. Get answers to our most frequently asked questions. See the profiles of those currently registered. Comb through the in depth TDA Starter Kit. Then find your tour and review the dates, details, difficulty rating, accommodation info and more.

Not enough? Then consider calling or emailing us and we can answer your questions or connect you with one of our past participants in your area. Or join our Guest Rider Days program and ride with us for free for a few days!