Tour Rating System



The road surface is smooth, and the terrain is not challenging. There is no significant climbing.

[no tours with this rating]


Light climbing. Low average distances per day on decent road surfaces, and limited opportunity for environmental challenges (though the weather is beyond our control).

e.g. Pub Ride | Tilting at Windmills


Some long and tough days with shorter less challenging days mixed in. Environment (sometimes including wind and heat) and terrain (including some significant climbing) are more of a factor. Some unexpected challenges may creep in from time to time.

e.g. Hippie Trail | Magical Madagascar


Longer days, harsher environments (temperature, winds) and terrain (rough dirt, gravel roads at times, more significant climbing) become a larger factor. More surprises await you.

e.g. South American Epic | Tour d’Afrique


Expect lots of climbing, long days and bad roads. Expect the unexpected. Train with days like these in mind and come prepared to suffer.

e.g. Coconut Coast | The Pamir Highway

Far Out Factor


There are no language barriers to speak of. Traveling and cycling in these areas is similar in experience to what you are likely used to.

e.g. Icefields

Somewhat Familiar

Some language and cultural differences create minor communication problems. The signs and directions become slightly more challenging.

e.g. Trans-Oceania | Pub Ride


The language and culture will be noticeably different and the ease at which you order food, ask directions and communicate will be reduced significantly.

e.g. Khmer Empire | Journey to the East


Customs, gestures and interactions might seem strange at first. You’ll have to develop techniques to communicate your ideas.

e.g. South American Epic | Trans-Himalayas

Far Out

Culture and language hold few similarities to your own. This makes even the simplest tasks much more challenging and time consuming.

e.g. Tour d’Afrique | Temple Caves & City Lights


We encourage people to consider their fitness and comfort levels carefully before undertaking these tours. To read more about how to prepare for the tours you might want to check out How to Prepare – a blog series packed with details that help you prepare for a tour mentally and physically.