Tour d'Afrique 2017


Due to declining interest in the race over the last several years, the Tour d’Afrique will no longer be recording official race times and standings starting with the 2018 tour. This will allow us to put more time into finding ways to enhance the experience even further for all the cyclists on the tour. More information to follow on our blog in March 2017.


Stage 48 (110 km)

This tough mostly dirt mando day sees the riders climb up to 2476 meters and the highest point on a Tanzanian trunk road before a rough and wicked descent. Race leader Aussie Charles Butler won again but he still trails UKs TDA returnee Rupert Dixon by 13 minutes for the Masai Steppe section lead as of the Mbeya rest day.


Rank Name Plate Flag Time
1 Charles Butler 106   04:40:00
2 Rupert Dixon 212   05:02:00
3 Mark Borsuk 105   05:18:00
4 Julian Maycock 117   07:40:00
5 Niklas Frisk 111   08:16:00


Rank Name Plate Flag Time
1 Alexandra Pastollnigg 122   07:59:00