Cycle More, Live Much Longer.

Rider ahead: could be wearing argyle

I do not know about you but I certainly had enough reading and listening about health studies; what foods to eat, how much to exercise, what supplements will give me extra energy and save me from some disease. But being a very weak individual sometimes I give in to the temptations and follow the headlines and read the silly thing. So here is the latest study. A collaboration between the US-based Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the National Cancer Institute. The headline says  “US study quantifies the effects of exercise on life expectancy.” Read more about the study here.

The brilliant conclusion of the study is that “the more you do it, the longer you live”. It gives examples, “75 minutes of brisk walking per week equates to an extra 1.8 years of life expectancy. Increase that to 150–299 minutes of brisk walking per week and the gain in life expectancy goes up to 3.4 years. Make it 450 minutes per week and the estimated life expectancy jumps by 4.5 years.”

So what does that mean for the participants on our epic tours? Probably that the more tours you do the longer you will live. Like some of these folks. This brings me to perennial comment that I often hear from people; “I simply do not have the time to come on your tour.” Well according to this study, if you join our tours not only will you have an adventure like no other and have the time of your life, you will actually be acquiring time.

And if you do know people who need to be told in a simple and entertaining way why they need to walk at least half an hour a day, check this out. And some further reading on the topic here.

(Flickr photo above by gone for a ridethanks to Greg Peterson for use of this)

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