UPDATED January 14, 2013

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Tour d'Afrique


UPDATED January 14, 2013

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Tour d'Afrique


On the beach.

The training wheels are off, and the Tour d’Afrique 2013 is in full swing!  A few hundred km’s now behind us, the rhythm and routine of life on tour is quickly becoming old hat. After what now feels like a short day of 100km, the tour has made it to Safaga, a picturesque little beach town on the shores of the Red Sea. With everyone managing to knock out the ride in an easy half day, the participants are now enjoying cold beers and cokes on the beach as a lazy afternoon wastes away.

The half day break is well deserved after an impressive first few stages on the road. The most notable being day 2 on tour, a mere 168 km stage which every rider completed without a fuss. Given the age range of our riders this year stretches from 18 to 70, it is perhaps the strongest start yet on a TDA tour. Go team.

Pyramids 1

After a cold and stormy few days in Cairo, as the tour prepped and packed for 4 months on the road, the questions of ‘what have I gotten myself into’ floated in the air.  However, lo and behold, when start day dawned, the sky cleared, Cairo traffic was light and it was nothing but sunshine for a picture perfect send off.  Now that’s not to say that the weather has calmed down these last few days. Just ask any one of us how long it takes to set up a tent in 35km/hr winds… Thankfully these winds have been much in our favour, with our fastest racers  averaging over 40kms/hr. Yowza.

Good Morning Cairo

Pushing the race pace since we left the pyramids has been our smoking’ fast crew from the Cairo cycling club. These boys are here to ride, and they’re here to ride fast, with some of them having come on this stretch of TDA for years and years. It’s great to have you guys.

Overall, Quebecer Pascal Duquette leads the race after 4 stages with a cumulative time of 15:15:20, followed closely by German sectional Tobias Munch in 15:31:12, Kiwi John Faulkner in 3rd, and Egyptians Sharief, Aala and Mohammed in 4th 5th and 6th. Among the ladies UKs Elizabeth Brown has a slender lead over Aussie Rosi Winn and South Africa’s Bridget O’Meara.

In just 2 more days we will arrive at the historical sites of Luxor and enjoy our first rest day. Stay tuned for more tour and race updates then.

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Fabulous pictures, thanks for the update. Can’t wait for the next ones.
Go Alan go, and don’t lose your shovel, I hear it’s an important part of your kit.

Hi James Campbell!

I expect you to make Quebecer Pascal Duquette eat your dust over the next few days so Dad has more bits to brag about to all and sundry 🙂

Lots of love
Little sis

    Pascal will lead to the end. James will have to eat a snake to go by him.
    Pascaĺ´s father.

Keep going Tipper.

Greetings Bom and hope you were OK yesterday (15th) hope for news when you get to Luxor.

This is for Phil Kissel. Hope all is going along well and you are enjoying the company and times with so great abunch of people.

(Robert Paskulin) Rob, the entire family hopes to get their loving wishes out to you on this special birthday (Jan 17). Ride strong – Be safe. Love you always. -sis xo”

Go Pascal! Woohoo, your fan club is cheering for you!!

Fantastic look at what I am missing and why John loves it. Go baby go luv rob Jess frank n dharma

Bridget, all of us here in SA are soooooo proud of you!!!! Keep it up, girl!!!! Love from all.

Go Phil Kissel we are all thinking of you and the fun you will be having, as we drag ourselves to the full shakey unit at CDHB.

I will be doing the tour next year so I am devouring every word and picture.
All the best.

Glad to see you let Nix lead out the pack (what with her km’s of training pre – Africa)!!! Looking good. – Katie x

for Nics Burwood:
Hey hope all is well. looks amazing. hope you are ok and enjoying the adventure.
Kirsty and Pete xx

Go Pascal! Hope you manage to find burger and fries along the way.

Nice pictures of this colorfoul parading circus; very different from the silent white world of Belgium under the snow. It’s great to follow the adventures of the whole circus and those of Caroline in particular.
Greetings from Brussels and hug from Dominique

For Phil Kissel

Hi, Looks like yr times are improving. You’ll be much better in the hills and off the roads. Go you! So proud of you. Hot here. About to get me a new bike full suspension Giant Anthem. Have spoken to Tom about it. Cost a bit but should see me out. Africa next year???? Keep up the great effort.

Pascal, your CDN fan club is hoping you keep that Specialized detailed and while keeping near the head of the pack.

Go Phil Kissel, John and I following you (mentally) love the photos and updates. Good luck to everyone and be careful out there.

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