Want to Set a Record?


You need to cycle 28,000km to be eligible for a Guinness Round-the-World Cycle record. Completing Tour d’ Afrique Ltd’s 7EPICS would bring you up to 71,000km, 2.5 times the required Guinness World Record amount.

What are the 7Epics?  It is a series of spectacular, fully supported, long-distance cycling expeditions/races passing through over 50 countries and 6 continents, offering you multiple epic adventures through a vast array of countries and cultures.

If you’re a runner, your ultimate adventure is the 7 Marathons. Extreme mountaineers climb the 7 Summits. Circumnavigating the world is the sailor’s adrenalin fix. And if you are a cyclist now you can add 7EPICS to your bucket list.

Whether you are a leisure rider or if you enjoy testing yourself against the roads and the elements, you will want to check out the infographic below which maps out the 7EPICS tours. Then register and get on your bike.


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