UPDATED August 8, 2014

BY Jude Kriwald

IN 7 Epics, Company, Silk Route

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UPDATED August 8, 2014

BY Jude Kriwald

IN 7 Epics, Company, Silk Route

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Rider Profile: Brian Cebryk from Canada

Jude: So Brian, what made you choose the Silk Route?

Brian: Well, I’ve been to china before, and I was very interested in seeing Iran and turkey, but the silk route allowed me to see other countries that weren’t on my “to see list” like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and so on.

When did you realise you were passionate about cycling?

I used to run, and now I can no longer run, so I looked for a substitute for running and cycling seems to fit the bill. I used to cycle a little bit, like to work and back, and we live in an area where there’s a lot of mountain bike trails, and it’s just slowly progressed to touring. “Passion” is an interesting question for me right now.Also, I’m a cofounder of B4H (Bicycles for Humanity) Comox Valley Chapter and we are currently raising $20,000 and collecting 500 fat tyre bikes that we’re sending to Uganda. And that’s also helping me realise how important cycling is, not just from a recreational perspective, but, you know, bicycles change lives in third world countries

Tell us about your bike.

Okay, I did a lot of research! (Just kidding). I have a Giant Revolt, AKA a gravel cruncher.

What have you done to make it yours?

(laughs )I, er, recently customised it by adding a Brooks saddle. The rides have become more enjoyable with the Brooks saddle. I haven’t even used any ass butter since the first week. With my previous saddle I was applying it three times a day.

How has the Silk Route varied from your expectations so far?

I’d say that the Silk Route has been far more challenging than I was expecting, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

If this was a race, where would you say you would finish in the pack?

I’d say I’d be in the last 20% of the pack

Which aspect of this tour do you only really realise once you’re on it?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how great our group is. That was my one reservation about doing a TDA tour as I’ve always travelled independently, so I was concerned about being with 30 people for 4 months but fortunately there isn’t a single person in the group who I can’t talk to and the staff have been unbelievable.

Thanks for your time, Brian.

Alright, thank you.

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