Bikepacking with an Experienced Guide

Bikepacking for beginners, and those looking for adventure with a bit of additional support and security. These tours are designed for those looking to learn about self-supported riding in more isolated environments. Pre-tour information will cover everything you need to prepare, whether this is your first bikepacking experience, or just your next adventure. Our experienced bikepacking guides will lead a small group with everyone carrying their own gear and food. There is no baggage vehicle, just predetermined food drops, and emergency support if required. The idea is to bring bikepacking to a wider range of adventurous individuals looking for new challenges, new skills, and the camaraderie that comes with completing these journeys as a group.

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Guided Bikepacking is:

  • Small groups led by an experienced guide
  • For fit and first-time bikepackers
  • Self-supported, no baggage van
  • Navigating along a GPS track provided by us
  • Sourcing and carrying food along the route
  • Emergency vehicle on standby


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