UPDATED May 2, 2003

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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UPDATED May 2, 2003

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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James Brown Shows Appreciation

As our bike trip from Cairo across Africa passes the 9,000km mark and Cape Town seems like its in sight (only another 1,000 km or so to go) I want to thank everyone for the tremendous support.

Thank you:
To my wonderful wife Joan who joins me this week for the final leg to the finish line in Cape Town.

My two fabulous children Sommar and Drury for reminding me not to push too hard as I have been known to do. As Sommar said ” we know you know how to pack your own chute dad, but sometimes you forget to pull the cord!” I took the hint.

The best brothers, friends and partners in the world Paul and Phillip; I appreciate you covering for me while I am away.

My special auntie, Ev, who along with mother instilled curiosity and the travel bug early in my life.

My Wednesday night pals Rob, Scott, Tom and frequent drop in guests Rod, Mac and others. I look forward to us trading stories at some of our favorite haunts, Windmills, Pilot House, Chez Piggy and others.

My extraordinary team at Brown Fine Food Services who stack up with the best in the world.

I must also mention my colleagues at my favorite community college, St. Lawrence College. I look forward to helping out and also seeing the changes in our building construction and all other projects that will benefit our students in the communities of Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall. Best to President Volker and the board and my pal Frank and crew at the development office.

Geoff Brooks for building me a bike that earthquakes let alone the Sudan desert, corrugations of Ethiopia, Rocks in Kenya and general pounding could not destroy.

Paul at Peak Experience for great outfitting and rugged gear.

Special to my friend Monty for the Robert Louis Stevenson quote “to be on
the move; that is the great affair”.

For the many I mention I have left out far more than time will allow for at this time.

With love and affection,
James D. Brown
Botswana – Cape Town and home.

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