TDA Holiday Greetings

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?

Give a gift and receive a gift!

The first 15 donations of 100 Euros or more will receive a limited edition TDA t-shirt or a copy of the book 'Silk Roads; A Route & Planning Guide' by Paul Wilson!!

Commemorate your past, present or future Expedition with TDA  by giving abike to the TDA Foundation in the name of someone special. Not only will we donate a bike in their name at one of our donation ceremonies in Africa during the 2009 Tour d'Afrique Bike Race/Expedition, we will also send them an exclusive TDA 'thank you' card!

Be sure to include a mailing address for the person your are making the donation in the name of.

For every 100 Euros donated, one bike will be donated in Africa!


Make donation to Tour d'Afrique's New 'Carbon Neutral Plus+' plan. It will go to support a community in Ethiopia with a project called TREES FOR HEALTH & WEALTH. This venture will plant trees (including bamboo which produces 35% more oxygen than other trees) and prevent the indiscriminate burning of bamboo, vegetation and indigenous forests. It will teach soil conservation, water harvesting, improved agricultural methods & income generation as well as promoting measures to improve health, sanitation and water accessibility.

For every Euro donated, three trees will be planted in Ethiopia!



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