UPDATED April 3, 2009

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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UPDATED April 3, 2009

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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The Vox Populi


Today was the longest day of the Tour so far, 175km officially but some speedometers have registered up to 178km. In lieu of writing an update about the day myself, I figured it would be a better idea to sit in the bar at our camp and query riders as they came in.

“Surprisingly, better than expected. Mostly due to a tailwind for the last 30km, if that had been reversed it would have been an entirely different story. Bring on 200km”
Tim Gain

“Glad I’ve got tri-bars and skinny tires”
Allan Benn

“It was the cat’s ass!”
Frank Smith

Lloyd Strong

“I’m exceptionally pleased with how fit we have become. Even though it was a trying day, my legs are fine and I could happily continue biking”
Malcolm Campbell

“It was the longest in kilometers, but it didn’t feel that long. I don’t think it was such a hard day. It was okay for me”
Peter Rombaut

“It was not a good day for me, not for me anyway”
Marcel Oode Geerlink

“It was nice; it was a bit of a sufferfest with all the rolling hills and lack of tailwinds. There was a bit of a cross, head, tailwind 7.5 hrs in the saddle for me and Tim and Bruce, that’s quite a long day.”
Mark Knight

“I enjoy”
Peter Hodes

“I liked it. I had a raincloud chase me for about an hour”
Graeme Scrivener

“Good. I got caught in the rain for a little bit but it was no big deal since it was warm rain. Cold rain is no good, but the rain here is fine. The afternoon was a bit better than the morning because the wind helped you”
John Hinch

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