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Dream Tours… There is a lot of contemporary internet jargon that goes along with it, but let's not forget the internet is only a vehicle to accelerate an age old process; the forming of a community with similar goals, dreams, and the commerce that relates to this. Many times we have been asked concerning our Epic Tours, "why could I not do this trip on my own?", and our answer is there is no reason you could not.

The beauty of long distance cycling will always be there for anyone with a passion for exploration, and an ability to problem solve along their route. What Dream Tours offers; instead of waking up on a cold morning, bits of snow coming down and facing a long day of riding by yourself, you can wake up in the same conditions, look at your Dream Tour compatriot, also preparing for the day, with a sly smirk and say "How the hell did your ugly face end up in my dream?"

You get the point. It's about comradeship, about humour, it's about coping with difficulties together, a community pushing each other onwards. There is something warm in that.

Enough proselytizing. There are currently two Dream Tours which are taking registrations. The Amber Route, which starts in mid-July 2010 (pretty soon) following the ancient Amber trade route of the Romans, and the Indian Adventure which amazingly crosses India from the North to the very South.
Both of these garnered their participants from the Dream Tours website, meaning that when the trips depart, their respective creators will be riding for free. There is one more Dream Tour which is building up steam, and we believe will eventually have enough participants "counted in" to reach the next level; which is TDA taking registrations and beginning to plan the Tour. That would be the North American Epic. There are many cross-Canada or cross U.S.A. Tours, but none that take in the breadth that this trip does, from Key West, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska.

A chance to cycle across a diverse and beautiful continent; enjoy the heat of the Summer, and drastically changing colours of Autumn. Many from outside North America often think of this continent as a mono-culture, this trip would be the perfect way to put that idea to rest. The perspectives and traits of the locals changes as often as the geography.

The point of all this is for people to get excited! Give your bike a tune-up this Spring, start riding, start dreaming about one of our current Dream Tours, or flip through the world map and create your own. This is your chance to not only sign up for a cycling tour, but to get involved in the structure of it; along with a community of like-minded cyclists, make a cycling event which lives up to all your aspirations.

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