UPDATED October 22, 2010

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED October 22, 2010

BY The TDA Team

IN TDA Foundation

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Gondar School Donation

Last year's lucky recipients of uniforms from TDA riders

In 2010 Tony Nester rode the 2010 Tour D’Afrique.

He does occasional voluntary work with a small charity called Link Ethiopia that supports education in Ethiopia.

Last year he organised a visit for 20 of the Tour d'Afrique cyclists to a local school, Arbatu Ensesa, where the teachers put on a hospitality day. The schedule included:

An exhibition football match.

A tour of classroom to meet children and teachers

A traditional coffee ceremony and popcorn with the teachers

Traditional singing by the children and dancing

A ceremony where TDA Riders presented the children with school uniforms/books and back packs

A donation of $20US per child will provide them with a uniform/book/back pack (about 80 of the poorest children in the school currently don’t have a uniform).

2010 Tour D’Afrique riders found that this school visit one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences of the tour.

“It was an amazing memorable highlight of the tour”  – Jen Crake 2010 rider

If you are interested in donating, please email Tony at anester@btinternet.com (minimum of $20US ).

To start the ball rolling Tour d'Afrique Limited has donated $100 to this worthy cause. We hope more readers can help out.

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