All done!

"Seven weeks flew by. I feel like I just ate a giant thali plate or sample platter of India. The variety and progression through the cultural diversity of India was the thread that wove through this tour. A little Rajasthan desert – camels, colourful turbans, and butter naan. Some Gujurat – way off the tourist track, on a unique journey through a prosperous state. Mahastran delights – with Mumbai as its centerpiece and the Konkan coast a truly magnificent ending. Goa and its beaches, its fish curry and its Portuguese influence. Karnataka – again we cycled away from the tourist spots and discovered more of India – nature, challenging terrain, new customs, cultures, and people. Tamil Nadu – we enter the jungle and climb and climb some more. We cycle through tea plantations that are the closest I have come to the garden of Eden. Kerala – fantastic Kerala, and the back water ferry trip. Palm trees, and peaceful riverside life passes us by as we cycle and sail past. Then an end in Kanyakumari, and a surprisingly iconic end to a fantastic trip. A small town, relatively quiet and serene by India standards, it marks the end of our journey, but perhaps the start of another annual TdA classic on our calendar. We look forward to bringing it to another group in 2012. But for now, its time to digest."

     – Shanny Hill, Tour Leader, 2011 Indian Adventure

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Please add my husband, Doug Hunter, and I to your wait list.

    Hi guys, which tour are you talking about?

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