Hot Enough For Ya?

Last week a tsunami of record breaking heat went sweeping across the American Mid-West. From every headline to every forehead it was clear; everyone from Kansas City to Detroit was stewing under the skin.
heat wave across the midwest

Overheard on the subway: “This heat index makes it feel like we’re all back in fields.”

On Chicago Talk Radio: “You know it’s too damn hot when you’re sticking to the plastic covering on your couch!”

At a TdA Lunch Stop: “This heat’s not bad, 90 is a fair bit nicer than 110.”

Having pushed through Death Valley and across the Arizona desert, the foreboding heat wave sounded a bit overblown to the hardy TdA riders. But as state officials issued emergency heat advisories across the Mid-West, our metttle was about to be tested. Speeding by in the opposite direction, the looks on motorist’s faces were a blur of shock and pity. “So long as you don’t stop, it’s not so terrible,” commented one rider. “We make our own air conditioning!”
water fountain brings some relieve on another sweltering day

Climate deniers, you can kiss our rim strips. With the effects of record heat, rain, snow, fire, wind, water, and prices all around; from outside that car, riding a bicycle you can taste the cause on your lips and feel it on the skin. “It was f’king hot" said one rider with a deep sigh. “That one’s in the bank. It won’t be forgotten.”
Craig after a day in the heat

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