Nick’s Tuna Tuesday Delight

Tuna salad is an easy and healthy food option when travelling on the road. With a few simple ingredients, tuna can go from boring to super tasty, Tuna Tuesday Delight a-la Nick.

The story behind my recipe’s name originates from other weekly specials that occur in no particularly regular sequence. For example: Hot dog Wednesday and Freaky Friday (which is sometimes grilled cheese sandwiches, sometimes BLT’s).

This recipe is best enjoyed on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in Nova Scotia:

•    Canned albacore, solid white tuna in water
•    Mayo
•    Capers
•    Fine chopped artichoke hearts
•    Fine chopped roasted red peppers
•    1 apple, fine chopped
•    Fresh dill weed
•    Crushed black pepper
•    Lemon juice

Serve with sharp cheddar cheese and a couple of slices of fresh tomato on whole wheat bread.


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