So far, so good!

An American agriculture teacher with three students having classes during the rides and in camp, and broadcasting audio classes through the internet to many others students in the classrooms back at home. A very strong rider from the UK who has been living in Switzerland for a long part of his life. A handful of TDA alumni who decided to cycle all over the world with us, including one on her 5th tour (Tour d'Afrique, Silk Route, Amber Route, India and now Vuelta). An Italian man who has done uncountable cycle tour and speaks very little English. Canada, United States, Germany, Holland, England, South Africa, Denmark, Italy and Brazil. One must add all these countries to the list of countries that the Vuelta Sudamericana goes through (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru) to try to understand the variety and mix of cultures that we are starting to experience in South America right now.

Life on Tour is an unique experience. Long days of riding, tastes, odors, sounds and cultures. New friends, expectations, surprises and frustrations. “Intense” and  “unknown” are two words that describe quite well what these first 4 days of cycling in Argentina have been. Long days, heat and cold, wind, country roads and curious locals that want to know all about our journey. Many of the riders have  already shown that by the end of the tour they will be fluent in Spanish, and as we approach our first rest day, in Cordoba, we are all trying to get fit to be ready to leave the “pampas” behind and to experience what life in the Andes is like. Join us while we travel through a wide diversity of cultures and landscapes on the southern part of the Americas. Travel with us through the blogs and photos that we will be posting, or come and meet us for one of the last sections of the tour, on the high plateaus of Bolivia and Peru. So far, so good!

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