UPDATED January 16, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Trans-Europa

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UPDATED January 16, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Trans-Europa

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Introducing Trans-Europa

Trans Europa Extension Description

Sometimes plans are made to be broken.  Originally our schedule for 2012 did not include any new Tours.   However, just as our clients possess, we at TDA have a wanderlust that is not easily subdued.  For this reason we are announcing the inaugural Trans-Europa Tour.

The inspiration?  We already have 2 trans-continental tours in Europe, the Amber Route and the Orient Express; but we wanted to create a tour on a more epic scale, one that allows a cyclist to cross the entire breadth of Europe in one Tour; to ride from the northern lights of St. Petersburg, Russia to the rugged Atlantic coast of Lisbon, Portugal. 

It only takes a moment looking at a map of Europe to see the wondrous line this route draws, and along that thin line we will spend 11 weeks cycling through 12 stunning countries.

To create the Trans–Europa Tour we added 2 additional sections to the Amber Route; which will be run in 2012 at the same time as it has always been scheduled, from St. Petersburg to Venice, Italy.

The Amber Route has been improved with small route alterations and changes in some accommodations, but in essence it is the same Tour offered in 2010. To complete the Trans- Europa Tour we continue from Venice along the Riviera of Italy and France before heading to Barcelona, Spain.  From there we cross the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal to finish in Lisbon.

What highlights can we expect from Venice to Lisbon?  We’ll stop in cities like Genoa, Cannes, Montpellier, Barcelona, Madrid and Caceres.  We’ll indulge in Italian fare each night as we ride the foothills heading toward the Liguria coast.  We’ll cycle the famed winding roads of the Mediterranean through Italy and France.  We’ll sleep by the white sand beaches of Northeastern Spain.  We’ll challenge ourselves cycling 6 hilly days to Madrid and we’ll toast the cold Atlantic, where the sardines practically jump from the ocean onto seaside tables in beautiful Lisbon! 

Venice to Barcelona: Along the Riviera

August 21 – September 6 – 14 Riding Days, 3 Rest Days
Rest Days in Genoa, Cannes and Montpellier 

Barcelona to Lisbon: Iberian Crossing

September 9 – 25 – 14 Riding Days, 3 Rest Days
Rest Days in Madrid (x2) and Caceres  


Full Trans Europa Tour St. Petersburg to Lisbon = 10 900 Euros
Along the Riviera Venice to Barcelona = 3100 Euros  
Iberian Crossing
Barcelona to Lisbon = 3100 Euros    

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