UPDATED April 3, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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UPDATED April 3, 2012

BY The TDA Team

IN Tour d'Afrique

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Tour d’Afrique Race Update

Kenyan Mike, Chris & Raffa setting the pace in Tanzania

The 2012 TdA has reached Lilongwe Malawi which marks the end of the 5th of the tour’s 8 sections. With two days off, the riders are trying to keep their tents and clothes dry as they encounter their first real rain, in between visits to the Mabuya camp bar and pool, and forays into Malawi’s capital in search of reliable internet, hardwood handicrafts, and fine dining. Meanwhile the staff are seeing that stocks are replenished and enjoying a rare chance to sleep in.

With 6569 km of racing completed out of 7207 total km since the tour departed Cairo, Switzerland’s all rounder Christian Sailer is still the man to beat. After grace days are factored in, his lead over Germany’s Raffael Schrof is just under 3 hours. American Bryce Walsh has maintained his grip on 3rd , with young Canadian Adam Lister in 4th.  South African Miguel Teixeira and Canuck Andrew Younghusband rode their hearts out and grabbed their first stage wins in recent days.

Andrew Younghusband won the April Fool's Day Stage

Among the ladies Dutch dynamo Femke Nelissen is maintaining a substantial advantage over her friendly fellow competitors. Australian Esther Borg, Brit Jen Davenport and Irish lass Marita Reilly continue to focus more on inhaling Africa and maintaining their EFI status than winning the race.

Canuck Gizele price, Malawi Gin Section Winner

All told 25 full tour-ists are still classified as racers and being timed. Here are the standings after 62 of the Tour’s 94 stages, including cumulative and adjusted times:

TDA 2012 Race Standings Place Total Time Total Time Minus Grace Days Place (Adjusted)
Christian Sailer 1 231:54:29 205:46:29 1
Raffael Schrof 2 241:47:47 208:42:47 2
Bryce Walsh 3 246:24:12 219:55:12 3
Adam Lister 4 259:22:18 229:24:18 4
Alaric Britz 5 279:12:54 245:43:54 5
Alan Emerton 6 304:05:33 270:42:33 7
Norbert Christ 7 307:31:21 247:31:21 6
Jurgen Meijer 8 322:01:47 278:08:47 8
Jonathan Cowan 9 343:34:51 288:33:51 9
Steve Smith 10 347:12:31 292:10:31 10
Miguel Teixeira 11 348:03:29 304:40:29 11
Robert Rowley 12 378:54:17 336:29:17 12
Andrew Younghusband 13 447:24:51 387:24:51 13
Femke Nelissen 1 359:16:34 313:44:34 1
Esther Borg 2 401:37:51 352:39:51 3
Jennifer Davenport 3 402:30:48 351:06:48 2
Marita Reilly 4 416:15:18 367:09:18 4
Gizele Price 5 444:24:49 384:24:49 5
Carla White 6 462:50:53 402:50:53 6
Gennesse Beadman 7 489:20:17 429:20:17 7
Beverley Coburn 8 522:23:22 462:23:22 8
Marianne Phillips 9 572:40:10 512:40:10 9
Nola Reynolds 10 620:19:04 560:19:04 10
Shona Bell 11 633:42:00 573:42:00 11
Holly Beetham 12 673:16:00 613:16:00 12

For the latest stage times and overall standings, you can always visit our race results page here.

Alaric Britz checks out at the TimePilot Station

Now the Tour turns west, on the Zambezi Zone section towards and then across Zambia. Distances will be long and conditions will be hot and humid as the race and the tour spins towards Lusaka and the wonder that is Victoria Falls. We wish all the riders happy cycling and good luck as their goal of reaching Cape Town draws a little closer every day.

Jen Davenport is lovin' Africa!

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