UPDATED July 3, 2012

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED July 3, 2012

BY The TDA Team

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June 2012 Newsletter

Announcing the new, improved, exciting North American Epic Bicycle Expedition 2013

Only from the folks at TDAAfter a lot of analysis and research we’ve decided to make some dramatic and exciting changes to our trans-North America tour for 2013. The biggest is a change in direction. In 2011 we followed the oft cycled west coast to east coast itinerary, starting in San Francisco and finishing in St. John’s. Based on that experience, and in the spirit of our company’s desire to explore all corners of the world on 2 wheels, we’ve now designed a 10,000 km long north to south route, that will see us cycle from Anchorage Alaska to Mexico City. This epic journey will be filled to the brim with irresistible sights, sounds, and challenges that will appeal to the adventurer cyclist. Read more…

Start: July 4, 2013 – Anchorage, USA
Finish: October 27, 2013 – Mexico City, Mexico
Price: $13,990     Distance: 10,000km
Riding Days: 94 days     Resting Days: 22 days

If you can`t take 4 months off there are 8 unique sections for your riding pleasure:

Land of the Midnight Sun – Anchorage – Whitehorse
Alaska Highway – Whitehorse – Fort St John
Icefields – Fort St John – Banff
Glaciers – Banff – Helena
The Great Divide – Helena – Moab
Canyonlands– Moab – Yuma
Baja California – Yuma – La Paz
Conquistadores – Mazatlan – Mexico City

Registration is now open!

La Ruta Maya: The Doomsday Ride

The Doomsday Ride scout is over. And what an experience it was…

Surprisingly, the ride is downhill, overall. You actually drop over 1000m from San Jose, Costa Rica to Belize City, Belize.  There is the small matter, however, of the terrain between the start and the finish. Over the 28 days of this expedition you will climb over 40,000m. That is an average of 1500m per riding day. Compare that to our African expedition where you climb over 66,000m…but over 4 months.  Challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely. And besides, for every gorgeous metre you climb, we guarantee you an equally stunning 1.025m of downhill.

The roads (75% paved/25% unpaved) vary from smooth asphalt…Read more…

All Roads Lead to Rome 2012

                Orvieto, an incredibly scenic location in North Lazio

Besides eating great food & drinking delicious wines, participants in the All Roads Lead to Rome event will manage to squeeze in some cycling. On the fourth day riders will visit Orvieto (pictured above). an incredibly scenic location in North Lazio. This will possibly be the most scenic day of the tour as we’ll also stop by the town of Civita_di_Bagnoregio whose perch on the top of a hill is home to just 15 residents (17 on weekends). Find out what happens on the other 5 days. Read more…

Vuelta Sudamericana 2013

Details of the 2013 South American Expedition will be released in the July TDA Newsletter. Here are a few hints of the changes to come…

TDA Book Reviews

Sometimes, after a grueling stretch of cycling, you may feel as if you’ve spent a few hours inside a tumble drier that escaped from the laundry room and hurled itself down the stairs and into a fireplace.  Your internal organs and larger limbs have become dislodged, your bum is hot and bruised, and your muscles contracting in seismic spasms. It’s time to activate the sense of humour.

Our South African office manager, Astrid Stark, suggests a couple classics…read more…


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