UPDATED July 26, 2012

BY Henry Gold

IN South American Epic


UPDATED July 26, 2012

BY Henry Gold

IN South American Epic


Vuelta Sudamericana 2013

Tour d' Afrique is very excited to announce the Vuelta Sudamericana 2013.

We have added 40 days, 4,000kms, 5 countries (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador & Colombia) and much, much more. No other tour company in the world offers anything like this.

Here are just a few of the new wonders you will have the opportunity to experience on this unparalled cycling expedition:

Old Town, Colonia, Uruguay – World Heritage Site

Missiones, Trinidad, Paraguay – Unesco Historical Patrimony of Humankind Site

Iguazu Falls – one of the world`s natural wonders

Asuncion – Capital of Paraguay

Grand Chaco, Argentina  – one of South America's largest natural eco-systems – a hot, humid lowland that stretches on to the horizon in every direction. Wildlife, birds and camping under the star-filled sky will be highlights

    photo from Wikipedia

Salta, Argentina – Known for its natural beauty, friendliness and great weather.

Huaraz, Peru – Charming town located at the base of Peru`s Cordillera Blanca mountain range.

Amazon Basin – `nuff said.

Cotopaxi – One of the world`s highest active volcanoes.

Quito – Highest capital city in the world.

Volcano Alley – A long, fertile, central valley. On either side of this valley rise parallel sets of mountains with nine of the country’s highest peaks including the volcanos of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Sangay which are among the world’s top ten most active volcanos.

Desierto Tatacoa – A tropical, dry forest  where are mysterious shapes are created on clay surfaces, creating labyrinthine gullies in the landscape that can reach up to 20 meters deep.

Bogota – Museums, Art Galleries, theatres, cafes and bikes.

And remember, these are in addition to all the other highlights…Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines,  Buenos Aires, La Paz, the Salar, etc.


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I am interested in the Vuelta Sudamericana. From your website it is unclear if it is next running in 2013 or 2015. Could you confirm & , if the former , dates & prices?

Many thanks Peter

    Hi Peter – The next edition of the Vuelta Sudamericana will be in 2015. Hope you can join us then. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I’am planning to registrer for the the next 2015 , sud american trip
Do you think I can join you on any trip next year for sharing your experience trip during 1 or 2 monthes .
Thank you so much in adavance
Philippe THOMAS

    Hi Philippe, We will not confirm the price and exact dates for a few months however the estimated dates are a good indictation. You can look at our other tour prices to get an idea of what the entry fee for South America might be. Just keep in mind that it will be about 1 month longer than any of our other tours. We would love to have you on one of our other tours in 2014 for a month or 2. Would you be more interested in Africa or Asia?

    We will have a price and more information on this adventure in early June.
    Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Sarei interessato a questo tour, perĂ² vorrei + notizie indicative su date e prezzi.

    Hi Eriberto, The Vuelta Sudamericana has been renamed the South American Epic and will now take place in 2015 – prices and dates to announced later this month.

Hi! I was checking the route for the South American epic but it doesn’t shows that it will pass through Uruguay, Paraguay nor Brazil. Could you explain me why?


    Hi Juan, Our new route goes from Cartagena in Colombia to Ushuaia in Argentina but we no longer cycle through Uruguay, Paraguay

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