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Some of you may recall the famous Dr.Cimerman who has been treating me for the dreaded disease Adventuratis. We periodically exchanges emails so I was not overly surprised that he sent me the following message

Dear Henry,

young lanceThough I know from our long relationship that you were never a great fan of Lance (putting it mildly), I believe you and now all of North America perhaps the entire world is treating Lance unjustly. As you know I have done a lot of research on narcissistic and psychopathic personalities and Lance of course is one. But Lance has actually taken the right way to direct his urges as compared to many others who are filling jails all over America. Lance could have been one of them. Society in particular in the USA recognizes that some people can be potentially dangerous to a society and thus educators spent a lot of time trying to redirect these negative tendencies into sports and entertainment. You and I know a lot of troubled kids who given outlets such as football or hockey, not only never ended up in trouble but in fact quite successfully lived a happy life and in the process made good living.  Many others choose the route of becoming entertainers and celebrities. Lance because of his extraordinary lungs realized he could combine both, be an athlete and entertainer.

cardNow we can also agree that professional sports are first and foremost entertainment. And we all know that entertainers will do just about anything to satisfy their narcissistic needs. And good entertainers make a lot of money so the pressure to be good is really huge. So is it any wonder that Lance took enhancing drugs? So what? Didn’t he deliver? Didn’t he entertain all of us really well for a decade and half? And he made a lot of money but didn’t everybody around him and cycling as a whole made a pile of money. And what is America if it isn’t about making huge amounts of money. And look how many journalists, magazines, the whole media, look how many make a living writing and talking about him. And now all of this talk about why is he doing the confession? It is not about making amends; it is not about him being banned from competition for life and will do anything to have it reduced. No Lance is an entertainer, a narcissist, and he knows how to create media stir and to get attention.

lanceSo all I am trying to say enough of criticism and crucifycations. I mean let’s just think what other psychopathic narcissistic personalities, the type Hollywood loves to make movies about have done. So I for one just for the record want to say, that Lance is a great entertainer and he will continue to be so. I think he will go to Hollywood and will be offered some great parts. And considering how many movies being made that require some deep psychological insights there are, I would not be surprised that a few years from now that Lance will be nominated for an Oscar. Come to think of it I have a couple of movie scripts in mind now. Think of Mad Max on a bicycle. Look what it did for another psychopath.

My best wishes and I hope that my latest antidote for your Adventuritis is working well.

PS I really think even though you never liked him you should invite Lance to go on one your 7Epics. It will do him so much good just to do what he obviously likes most, to cycle but without the pressure that he gets at home. 

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“Lance took enhancing drugs. So what?”
With all due respect to your friend, I disagree with his assessment. Ethics shouldn’t be thrown out just because it’s entertainment. A clean cyclist doesn’t see his own career and livelihood as “entertainment”. He sees someone stealing money from him, hindering his own ability to take care of himself and his family.
No matter how you slice it, it’s always called cheating, whether it’s in sports, politics, on a math test in grammar school, or embezzling money from your employer. Wrong is wrong, period.
In addition, the often overlooked other reason to not use PEDs is that it’s not healthy to push a body beyond the proverbial red-line called pain. Just as in a car, the red-line/pain is there to prevent damage. Pass beyond it enough times in your car and you’ll do irreparable damage to your engine. The same is true to our bodies.

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