Eric & Mike’s Excellent Adventure


Mike Stacey and Eric Aagaard continue through Cambodia on the planned route of the 2013 Bamboo Road…

“Communication throughout this tour has been a challenge. Walk into a guesthouse or a restaurant and ask for a room or a meal and the reaction is always utter confusion. You say “double room” and they hear “bellybutton antifreeze”. Do the sleeping or eating pantomime and you make things worse. These folks are very nervous interacting with a round eye which doesn’t happen very often. We all fell hard for Phnom Penh. Its a big noisy Asian oleo of contrasts. Pedicabs and Lexuses (Lexi?), icky street vendors and fine dining, modern glass cubes and crumbling colonial mansions, serene courtyards and honking traffic madness. I talked the Lads into a visit to the Genocide museum and the pile of skulls. I think you have to revisit these horrors in case someone comes up with with a new solution for those pesky muslims.

IMG_1557After two days in PP we took a ferry to Siem Reap to see the ruins of Angor Wat. Its a huge complex of massive stone temples absolutely crawling with (mostly Japanese) tourists. The town has a couple of streets that belong in Los Vegas- pubs, restaurants, foot massage, touts and wall to wall honkies. Happy to leave we took another small ferry and spent an amazing 9 hours bumping along the river bottom meandering through mangrove islands, floating fishing villages and oxbow turns. With these ferry rides, sightseeing days and spiffy hotels (with palm fringed pools), the Lungi Lads Bike Tour has turned into Four Poufs on Vacation and we are antsy to ride again.”

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