UPDATED February 3, 2013

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Tour d'Afrique


UPDATED February 3, 2013

BY Michael Coo

IN Company, Tour d'Afrique


Race Results – Pharaoh’s Delight section

Every year there are those riders who show up in Cairo with the sole intention of winning the Tour d’Afrique but there are also a few closet cases. Those who arrive only with the intention of going the distance but deep down wonder if they’ll be able to get a few stage wins, maybe a section or two and before you know it they’re leading the pack into Cape Town.

StageWinnersPharaoh'sDelightThis year has been no different with Canadian, Pascal Duquette showing his intentions from the get-go and getting his first of many stage wins on day 2 in Egypt. He has had some competition from Tobias Munch from Germany, Kiwis John Faulkner and Vince Langford and Freek de Haas from Holland and each them have notched up their own stage win during the first section of racing. In the women’s race things have been closer with Bridget O’Meara from South Africa showing potential to be the first South African winner in a few years. However, Lizzie Brown from the UK has proved her worth since leaving Cairo and the women’s race might turn out to be a very interesting affair further on.

Nothing is set in stone though and it is still early days on tour. With only one section done, there are seven more to go and we are about to hit the first days of off-road. Things are about to get interesting.

Pharaoh’s Delight Winners:


  1. Pascal Duquette         58:34:35
  2. Tobias Munch             58:53:04
  3. John Faulkner             60:08:31


  1. Bridget O’Meara           69:27:30
  2. Lizzie Brown                69:50:40
  3. Natalie Howard            71:18:14

5 Comments for "Race Results – Pharaoh’s Delight section"

Congrats to all Racers & Tour D’Afrique riders.
One section down, seven more to go.
Enjoy the ride, bonne chance, bonne route!
Go Pascal, go! we are cheering for you!

Continue Pascal. Comme toujours, t’es le meilleur!

Well done Bridget. This is absolutely awesome.
Keep going!!! We are all so proud of you here in SA.

Well done Everyone. Keep it Cool John. You have a way to go yet. Fantastic finish of the first leg and not bad considering you had the Bot.
The weather is still mid to late 20s here John.
Mainzeal have gone into receivership so there is a bit of dilemma in Chch with all the trades people. Otherwise its all good back in NZ.
Enjoy your trip.

You are a bloody legend John, even with those bandy old legs. Don’t let the young ones show you up! Watching your progress with interest. Life is just the same in NZ – too dry, cows not keen on being milked. Love from us all

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