Announcing Our New Adventure Lite Tour

Desert camp next to the Red Sea
The Challenge

It’s a tough competitive world out there. To stay on top you must always innovate, innovate, innovate – at least that is the professional advice given by business magazines, bloggers, even from our accountant. So after taking a long walk in the forest (really a small city park) with my imaginary dog (a large German Shepard named Gino – to whom I throw imaginary tennis balls. Sometimes people walking by give me strange looks but I feel really safe having him around), I hit on new idea that got me so excited I forgot Gino in the park and had to go back to look for him.

another tough day for paddyNow, as you know, many of our tours are tough (think Tour d’Afrique, Silk Route, the South American Epic, Doomsday Ride) or should I say, not for the faint of heart. At times you have to cycle over 100 km on dirt roads, climb over 2000 metres in three hours and cycle in temperatures that can hit over 45C (that is 113 F) or a few Celsius below zero. Finally you make it to camp and guess what? You have to assemble your tent, get a half a gallon of water (that’s 2 litres), find a corner to wash and then wander off to find the nearest beer. When you return, you have to stand in line to get your dinner. And after that is done you have to wash your plate and every week or so you get chosen to scrub the cooking pots.

van_goghs_earWhat I am trying to say, is that these challenges may turn away many potential clients. To put it mildly, the growth potential is definitely not exponential. So just in case of another negative turn in the economy, having been an engineer and not wanting to lose my competency, I have been trying to keep up and understand all this business of 3 -dimensional printers, which are now the hottest items in manufacturing. I mean, just recently, I read about a new 3- dimensional printer which is capable of printing a human ear – I kid you not!

Another dimension
Voila, a beautiful universe.

Then I came across something even more fantastic – 4 dimensional printing. Now you may ask yourself, what is 4 dimensional printing? In simple terms, 4 dimensional printing is a self-assembly – a process by which disordered parts build an ordered structure through only local interaction, in other words objects make themselves. This, of course, is something out of Creation, described in the Bible in the original language as Tohu wabohu which translated means “formless and empty”. Inspired by this 4 dimensional self-assembly I had a vision of creating a new product – The ‘7Epics Lite’ that I think will create exponential growth for our company.

Don't Fly British AirwaysImagine landing in Cairo with your bike box. You pay the bellhop to bring the bike into your room and you instruct him to put the box into the bathtub. You fill the bathtub with hot water and leave. An hour later, you open the shower curtain and there stands your bike ready to roll. At the end of the day you arrive in camp and take out a small box, throw it on the ground and in a couple of minutes a self-assembly tent is ready for you. Throw in another box and your-self assembled bed is ready for your nap. Need a cold beer? No problem, open the self-cooling beer called ChillCan.   

Home sweet home 22Need a shower? Throw the self-assembled shower behind your tent. Having problems with navigation? Don’t worry. Just turn on the self-guiding feature on your bike and you have nothing to worry about. Trying to find the best line in the sand in the Sudan? Do not worry. Your-self guided gizmo is doing it for you. Having problems with kids throwing stones in Ethiopia? Don’t duck. Turn on your Invisible Cloak and the kids no longer see you. Having problems cycling in a sandstorm or fog? No problem, turn on your “Spider Sense” which will warn you of incoming danger.

Yup. I can see it all. This is going to be a winner. I just hope they get the kinks out of this process before the next recession hits.



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