Living the Lush Life

Small Homes, Vast Veiws

It’s the kind of heat that finds you awake at 2am, still dripping with sweat from the day before.  It’s the kind of heat where you find yourself sweating from absolutely everywhere at once while trying to convince yourself that you love this.   It’s the kind of heat where while riding your bike, life is beautiful and as long as you drink enough water, the body seems to do as it should.  The minute you stop the slow creeping feeling of humidity comes crawling back from every nook and cranny, completely cocooning your skin in a sticky layer.  Back on the bike again and life again is beautiful.

It’s no easy job riding from Cairo to Cape town, nor is it a cake walk taking your 10 kilo bag of charcoal down the road with a basket full of bananas on your head and a chicken in the front basket.

Riding through coffee, banana and mango plantations with a little road side stall every 500m selling just that, getting distracted from the days ride is all too easy.  A thatched stall selling peanuts, another selling samosas, another with perfect stacks of avocadoes and mangoes and you have to think how easy life on the bike could be if the whole route was like this.  “It feels like we’re riding the Tour de France” said one rider in reaction to the endless streams of local spectators cheering us on.  “Karibu” Welcome, “How are you?”, thumbs up, smiles, and plenty of hellos as we cruise our way through this tropical paradise.

The life on the road and the number of other bicycles adds to the feeling that we must be doing the right thing. With any and every edible item transported on wheels, there’s a mutual appreciation on the road of what each other are up to. It’s no easy job riding from Cairo to Cape town, nor is it a cake walk taking your 10 kilo bag of charcoal down the road with a basket full of bananas on your head and a chicken in the front basket. James, Bananas, and AvosSmiles all around , breaking through languages, the bicycle speaks 1,000 words.

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any better, it suddenly jumped to the next level; introducing Chitimba beach.  White sand, beach, bar, wifi (sort of), this is beyond TDA caliber paradise, this is just straight up paradise.  Now whether any of our riders will have any inclination to leave this place on the next riding day will be the question.


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Hello Adele
I am really enjoying your blog, I am the sister of John Faulkner. We don’t hear much from him ,so heve been reding the blogs of yours,Daniels and mikes. Good to hear all going well after the long hard ride of ethipia. I am currently holidaying in Sri Lanka, it is also very hot and humid here.i do not know how you can ride in those conditions. Well done.say hi to John form me.

Hi Anne,
As you can well imagine John is going strong as ever as nothing seems to slow him down nor take the smirk off his face. I was in Sri Lanka a few years ago myself, beautiful place, and very similar to the lush tropics that we’re riding through here. Enjoy your travels and I will pass your message along! – Adele

Hi Adele

Another Kiwi here – I am Lindsay Gault’s wife. Lindsay is a ‘part-timer’ on the Tour this year, enjoying the ride through Tanzania & Malawi.

I am also enjoying reading your blogs – they are entertaining and help to fill in the gaps when the riders are too busy riding to write (or too hot/or there is not internet available – a common occurrence in Africa!)

Looking forward to your next chapter.


Barbara Gault

Jambo jambo to all TDA riders !
We too enjoyed “True Paradise”….on Zanzibar, after riding with you the Masai section.
Tonight we fly back to cold, flat and busy Holland, back to Freeks brothers and sister, and with unforgettable memories of burning sun, humidity, mud, good food, nice discussions, and interesting people. We wish you all a good and safe ride and will follow you via Adele’s and other Blogs !
With the highest respect for “Every fabulous Individual”, especially Freek…, we say: Kwa Heri !

Marieke Vlugter & Joek de Haas

Hi, everyone! I’m Yanez’s mother, love reading all the blogs and peering at fotos and getting a feel of how you all are coping & enjoying the trip I’m envious. I dont like cooking but thankfully both my sons take after their father. bon appetit.
reinette novoa

Hi thanks again for supporting us at Spar in Chipata Zambia and staying at Mamarulas Campsite, we do admire your courage and willpower, all the best for the rest of the trip to the whole group

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