The EFI Club – 2013 Membership


Each year a number of TDA riders manage to achieve EFI (Every Fucking Inch) status. This means that they cycled the entire distance – camp to camp – each and every riding day and never got onto the support vehicles during the entire 12,000km ride. Congrats!!

Back from left – Bridget O’Meara (South Africa), Vince Langford (New Zealand), Wayne Gaudet (Canada), Allan Knight (Canada), Pascal Duquette (Canada), Freek de Haas (Netherlands), Marie-Claire Oziem (UK), Kurt Schwietzke (Germany), Jared Lester (Canada), Alexandre Costa Nascimento (Brazil), Philip Howard (Ireland)

Front from left – James Campbell (Australia), Darraugh O’Riordan (Ireland), Mike Lantz (USA), Rosi Winn (Australia), John Faulkner (New Zealand), Marco Panebianco (Italy), Alexandre Morier (Canada)

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It’s the tenth year anniversary of when i competed and finished the
Tour and became one of its first members,congratulations
To you all on what is a truly amazing journey,
The EFI club a truly awesome club to be part of.

Well done and I know a fantastic feeling!

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