They Did It! The 2013 TDA arrives in Cape Town!

They can't believe they did it

And that’s a wrap! The incredible journey is over for yet another year. The cyclists have arrived at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town and the celebrations are about to begin. Congratulations to all the riders and staff. This is an experience that you will never forget! See more pictures of the finish here.

The endAnd now the dream starts for another group – the riders signed up for the 2014 Tour d’Afrique. Want to come along? Register now.

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Well amazing people you made it. Am proud to be married to a crazy enough person to accomplish such a feat.. But very glad to have him coming home.

Extraordinary efforts make extraordinary people. Ride on my friends from 2013

I am sooooooooooooooo impressed.
Well done!.
May I be as successful next year as all of you.
What an accomplishment.

Congrats to all 2013 TDA riders on your incredible accomplishment!

Congratulations to all involved! Amazing accomplishment; I hope to participate someday!

Words fail me in admiration for what this year’s TDA riders have achieved. The TDA support team played a huge part in their success but that is not to deflect from the sheer strength, willpower and mindset of each and every rider. I have followed Ali and Lizzie’s blogs totally in awe of and mesmerised by their achievement and am so proud of what they have done. BIG BIG hugs and love, Clare xx

Having been there at Kreefts Bay and at the Amphitheatre, and seen the riders and the crew at the end of their epic adventure/endurance journey etc etc, I echo everyone’s comments.. an enormous achievement, and many lifelong memories for all of them. Many many congratulations.

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