UPDATED August 22, 2013

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED August 22, 2013

BY The TDA Team

IN 7 Epics, Company, Events, Tour d'Afrique


2014 Tour d’Afrique & Egypt

Most likely everyone planning to join us on the Tour d’Afrique in 2014 is aware of the unrest in Egypt.  Of course Egypt has not exactly been stable since January of 2011, but after the recent military coup the instability and violence is that much greater.

At the pryamidsWe are following events in Egypt closely, through the media and our local contacts; which include our support company in Egypt, local riders, ex-pats and government sources.  With the Tour over 5 months away it is very hard to predict what the situation will be like in January.  However we will not wait till the last minute.  We will be announcing our decision on Egypt by mid-September. For now we just hope that calm is restored in Egypt for the sake of all Egyptians.

We will continue to monitor the situation and encourage everyone interested in joining the Tour d’Afrique next year to contact us with any questions regarding security.

Blue Nile Gorge - Ethiopia 1In the meantime we wanted to mention we have some exciting back-up plans in place if we were forced to miss Egypt due to the unrest.  If that were to be the case the Tour would begin in Sudan on January 10th (the same date as the Tour would have started in Cairo) and still finish on May 10th in Cape Town. We won’t go into all the details at this moment, but the Tour would take in new roads in both Sudan and Ethiopia to make up for the lost time from not cycling Egypt… Needless to say it would be a great adventure and the chance to visit areas never before ridden on the TDA.


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After having experienced the organizing and contingency plans organized by our Tour Director and TDA on the 2012 Silk Road Tour, I have complete faith and feel very comfortable with the decisions made by TDA. Your experience is most gratifying.

Interested in Victoria falls to Cape Town . What is latest date for me to register ?

    Hi Anthony, there is no official deadline. You just have to have time to arrange visas, shots, flights, etc. Look forward to you joining us.

Hey, I will ride with you from Cairo to Cape Town in 2014.
I hope the TDA staff postpones the decision whether to start in Cairo or not to the latest moment, since I’m sure many of us would like to ride through Egypt and the egyptian people surely don’t want to invovle people from other nations in there conflict so we should be safe. However I can understand that we can’t take too many risks.

Hopefully calm is ristored in Egypt for the sake of everyone!

I too hope that the TDA is able to keep to starting in Cairo. This kind of trip involves all sorts of risks, and I think the riders are comfortable with there being risks. I know for myself that being able to meet Egyptians and talk to them about their country would be a plus. Also, I’d like to do all of Africa.

So I hope the TDA can start there. That being said, though, I trust and know that the TDA folks will make the decision that’s best for the riders and staff.

I share the feeling of Alessandro regarding the preference to cycle through Egypt and yet the reality on the ground may dictate otherwise. Given the experience and knowledge of the TDA re Egypt, we will trust in your judgment to make the appropriate decision for the benefit and safety of all.

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