Life on the North American Epic.

Nice ride

How many things can compare to riding a bike for hours on end? The wind at your back, the Rockies on your right side (or sometimes on both sides), meadows and forests on your left, crossing creeks and rivers with wonderful names such as Pincher Creek, while spotting a moose, an elk, a hawk, a bear or two, even, believe it or not, a grizzly? I know that many people will come up with other wonderful things like free falls, diving in the coral reefs, skydiving, skiing in powder snow, bungee jumping or even sex. I will counter by saying that while all of these are great and I even partake in some of those on a regular basis, none last for hours on end, day after day.

StreamYes, this is what I have to report from the North American Epic, a tour currently passing through the area that National Geographic calls “Crown of the Continent – North America’s  Rocky Mountain Majesty“. Day in and day out since I joined the NAE three weeks ago, it has been, as one former TdA rider would put “an orgasmic experience”; great scenery, wonderful weather, good roads with little traffic and wide shoulders, delicious food, splendid company.

back roadHowever, I do not want to give you a false impression. There are always some unpleasant moments, for example seeing ‘road kill’, (yes, the ever present monster that consumes humans as well as animals) or huge threatening dark clouds on the horizon. But each morning we get back on our bikes, relentlessly putting the pedal to the metal and use the calories that we consumed the evening before to power through flats and hills, rain or shine, head wind or side wind, leading eventually to our destination, Mexico City. If you think any of the above is an exaggeration, well, join us for a day or two or a section or two and see for yourself. We have still a ways to go.

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