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Greeting for Tour d´Afrique from Orient express

Looking for the Top 10 Cycling songs: ever. What are the songs that give you extra oomph as you power up the final hill? Or do you prefer something mellow as you cruise through meadows and along rivers, basking in the sunlight? Here’s a selection of the TDA crew’s top 10 cycling songs. What are yours? And remember to cycle safe: don’t turn up the vibes full blast, and stay alert.

1.  Joker and the Thief, Wolfmother
2.  It’s a Long Way to the Top, AC/DC
3.  Highway Star, Deep Purple
4.  Bicycle Race, Queen
5.  Keep Pushin’ , REO Speedwagon
6.  Bittersweet Symphony,The Verve
7.  Rains Down in Africa, Toto
8.  Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf
9.  Crystal Planet, Joe Satriani
10. A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix) – Elvis vs JXL

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