Last Chance to Join the North American Epic…at 30% OFF!

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How often in life you were doing something without much success but decided to give it one more chance?

On July 14, 1864 somewhere in the Wild West three or four gold prospectors were running out of supplies, saw a gulch – otherwise called ravine or a V shaped valley – and decided to give it one last chance.

Colorado river Valley before MoabToday if you cycle to the state capitol of Montana called Helena, you will come across the end result of that last chance effort. You will find a congregation called Last Chance, you will find the Last Chance Restaurant, the Last Chance Casino, the Last Chance Saloon, the Last Chance Stampede and yes Last Chance Street where that gulch was located. It seems Last Chance has been good to many people.

Inspired by that famous Last Chance we have decided to create the Last Chance Offer to participate on the North American Epic.

Yes, you can still join us for the last two sections – Baja California & Conquistadores. And to encourage you to do just that we are offering a 30% discount.

Remember it’s your Last Chance – and who knows what kind of luck it will bring you.

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