UPDATED November 6, 2013

BY The TDA Team

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UPDATED November 6, 2013

BY The TDA Team

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5 (+3) cool things during/around Tour d’Afrique

Today is Career day in Ontario and parents around the province are bringing their kids to work with them. My nephew decided to join me instead. He stopped by the office to help us out and see how we run things. After his morning of sorting photos, and scanning our website for mistakes (there are a few from time to time), he made this list of 5 cool things about Tour d’Afrique. Enjoy…

UPDATE November 14, 2018: Kaleb’s younger brother Oliver is now in town, 5 years later for his Career Day. So he edited his bro’s blog and added 3 more cool things to the list below. ENJOY!

1.    The challenge: Unlike other cycling tour companies, only Tour d’Afrique has routes and tours that can push you 50 times past your comfort zone. Injury’s on tours like “Tour d’Afrique” and “The Doomsday Ride” are not uncommon so both physical and mental training is a must only to start even thinking about taking on one of these daring expeditions.

2.    The natural beauty: No matter what tour route you choose their will always be stunning landscapes in many parts of the journey. An active volcano, elephants wandering in and out of sight and so much more wait in just only one of the ten possible tour routes across the globe!

3.    The people: Whether it’s your tour group or the locals of a village you’re resting in you are bound to meet some interesting and colorful people. The trip isn’t the same if you don’t have fun energetic people accompanying you though the journey.

4.    The exotic food: It’s one thing to see foreign culture, but it is an entirely different thing to be a part of another culture. Food is a great way of molding yourself into a new culture. The local ingredients and methods of cooking help give you a better understanding of the people around you.

5.    The feeling: The feeling of freedom, control, like you are doing something that truly is great and Tour d’Afrique know just how to deliver the perfect amount of this feeling.  If you are able to complete the tour, it makes you feel like you have just accomplished something great, something that not everybody can do and that in its self is great.

Oliver’s Additions

6.    The Staff: There will be bike mechanics, medics, chefs and drivers travelling with you to ensure that you will have a great time and everything goes to plan while still having a challenge. These knowledgeable cyclists will keep you on track throughout the tour.

7.    The Pace: You are able to head out with whomever you want and at whatever pace you want. You have the freedom to explore at your own pace and stop whenever you feel like stopping.

8.    The Tours: TDA Global Cycling has plenty of tours. You can choose which tour you would like to go on based on length, location or tour types (Touring, Adventure, Expedition). I can guarantee if you look into TDA Global Cycling, you will find a tour for you.

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