20 Reasons to cycle the 2014 Trans-Europa

Italy - Further than halfway on the tour

1 – St. Petersburg – Venice of the North – UNESCO World Heritage site
2 – Tallinn – 13th century old town – UNESCO World Heritage site
3 – Riga – Paris of the North – UNESCO World Heritage site
4 – Vilnius – Baroque old city – UNESCO World Heritage site
5 – Warsaw – A Phoenix city and Global “Alpha” city
6 – Krakow – UNESCO World Heritage site
7 – The Tatras – Central Europe’s highest mountain range – UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
8 – Bratislava – A beautiful medieval inner city on the shore of the Danube river
9 – Ljubljana – A charming city filled with artists, museums and galleries
10 – Banská Štiavnica – A completely preserved medieval town – UNESCO World Heritage Site
Italy - under the Rialto bridge
11 – Venice- “Ah Venice” – Enough said – UNESCO World Heritage site
12 – Genoa – Superba (the Proud One) – UNESCO World Heritage site
13 – San Remo – the Italian Riviera
14 – Monaco  – The House of Grimaldi – The 2nd smallest independent country in the world
15 – Nice – Sometimes known as Nissa La Bella on the Cote d’Azur
16 – Cannes – Glamorous seaside town, Europe’s social hub & home of the Film Festival
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17 – Barcelona – Home of Antoni Gaudi (and Messi) – UNESCO World Heritage site
18 – Madrid – Home of El Prado Museum  – “a city that knows how to live”
19 – Caceres – Cobbled streets lined with palaces and mansions – UNESCO World Heritage site
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20 – Lisbon – One of the oldest cities in the world – UNESCO World Heritage sites

Can you think of any others? Maybe uncover some hidden gems along the way? Spaces still available for this ride of discovery!

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Wow, every single one would be a good reason! But on the bike? I would die after first 20 km ha ha ha I really admire what you do, I have never been a sporty person so I will stay with public transport and planes…. :)

    Why don’t you give it a try?
    Really, riding a bike longer is not as bad as it seems, even if you are not experienced. Actually, it’s a great fun!
    Sign up, and get on a bike to make a few short rides before – you have time till July. :-)

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