13 reasons why you should pick a desert and cycle across it*

Dusty Day

1. Because deserts are magical!
TDA rider at the start

2. Because in the desert nothing obstructs your vision and you can see forever!

Riding in desert4

3. Because in the desert you will experience amazing serenity. It is a great place for contemplation and you can even try to have a chat with God**  (Google Moses for further info)!

TDA rider in Northern Kenya

4. Because in the desert you can stop and find a campsite anywhere. You will enjoy a marvelous sleep and, in the morning, can bury your excrement easily!

Home sweet home 22

5. Because in the desert the air is relatively pure. You can still taste how it used to be not so long ago!


6. Because in the desert there is no traffic – except for a camel or two!

Camel Crossing

7. Because in the darkness of the desert , the night sky is simply out of this world!

Namibian quiver trees

8. Because if you stay in the desert long enough, you will experience hallucinations and mirages without the help of magic mushrooms!***

TDA rider after a sand storm

9. Because in the desert you can hear the wind talking to you and whispering the secrets of the universe, especially during a sandstorm!

TDA Rider in sandstorm in the Sahara

10. Because in the desert you can climb a sand dune and roll down (or run down) and be a child again! ***


11. Because in the desert water has never tasted so good and you will develop a deeper appreciation for this source of life!


12. Because in the desert, when you finally arrive at an oasis, you will know how it feels to enter heaven!****


13. Because in the desert, when you find a tree or a living bush, you will perceive it to be more exquisite than any other work of art!

TDA riders take a break in Northern Kenya

*Cyclists on Tour d’Afrique tours have the opportunity to cycle through the following deserts: Sahara, Taklamakan, Gobi, Namib, Atacama, Kalahari, Patagonian, Mojave, Simpson, Karakum, Sonoran.
** Better results achieved if you cycle by yourself.
***Warning! You will have sand in your mouth for days.
****With apologies to the Creator. We are simply taking literary license here.

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