UPDATED June 22, 2014

BY Jude Kriwald

IN 7 Epics, Company, Silk Route

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UPDATED June 22, 2014

BY Jude Kriwald

IN 7 Epics, Company, Silk Route

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A day in the life of the desert #SR2014

The 2014 Silk Route riders have had their fair share of desert riding by now, and there’s still a lot more to come! It took us all a while to get use to the way of this desolate landscape, so here’s a little bit of insight for those of you not lucky enough to be on this year’s expedition!

06:00 – The riders wake up just as the sun rises over the desert camp. Time to take the tents down


06:30 – A breakfast of either fruity porridge and bread or muesli with fruit and nuts is served

Hungry cyclists queue for Muesli

06:45 – The keenest cyclists set off to beat the heat, the rest are on the road by the hour

Mary arrivng at lunch

08:00 – The first wind arrives as the sun starts to heat the cool desert air – this can either work brilliantly in the riders’ favour or horribly against it

Keat and Phillip tear up the desert

10:00 – 75KM done, the first riders arrive for at the lunch gazebos for a replenishing meal of sausages, salad, bread and condiments, watermelon, bananas and peaches as well as water and juice
11:30 – The back of the pack gets to lunch as the temperature soars past 30 Celsius

Frosty chilling at lunch

14:30 – 145KM completed as the fastest cyclists pull of the road and into the desert camp where hot soup awaits them
15:30 – The staff realise that they need more rope and stakes to keep the gazebos pinned down as the afternoon wind inevitably gets stronger

Yanez getting the sand out of his tent

16:30 – The temperature rises past 35 Celsius as the back of the pack arrives with a staff member sweeping behind them
16:45 – Without fail someone will find a shop within cycling distance and bring back a backpack full of cold beers

Cooling down the beers

17:15 – Most the tents are set up as the riders relax under the gazebos and behind the trucks in search of precious shade – coffee and tea is brewed

High desert, high temperatures, low clouds

18:15 – Rider Meeting takes place to go over tomorrow’s route and any other topics for discussion
18:30 – Dinner is served; a meat option for the carnivores and a veggie option for the herbivores plus a salad for all

Riders enjoying a drink after 150km

18:40 – “Open Kitchen!” is called as the kitchen is opened up for riders to help themselves for seconds (and thirds)
19:00 – The group tends to split into those who like to recuperate by sitting and chatting and those who want a bit more fun (i.e. playing keepy ups  with a football or swimming in a river)

After dinner footy

20:00 – A jamming session is likely to occur with harmonicas, drum sticks and very questionable singing

High Altitude desert

21:00 – The last riders head to their tents as the sun sets on another successful day in the desert sun

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