White Nights on the 2014 Trans-Europa Cycling Expedition


St. Petersburg lies at just past 60 degrees north latitude.  The city claims a population of almost 5 million people.  It’s an odd reality considering that, at similar latitude in Canada, you would find the city of Whitehorse, population 27,000.  Of course as grand as St. Petersburg is it does feel to be on the edge of things.  Even the airport is surrounded by dense forest where you could easily lose yourself in the wild (if you weren’t carrying your cell phone and checking Google Maps with your 3G connection)

Sunset_over_a_bridge,_St__Petersburg,_Russia_(9535171877)With this northern starting point for our Trans Europa Tour we are lucky enough to experience the “White Nights”; with the sun setting past midnight and rising again shortly after it’s tempting to sleep little.  Especially as we look forward to our start day on Sunday.  Most of the cyclists have arrived in the city and bikes have been assembled.  Our first day leads us to Peterhof, where Peter the Great built his rather magnificent home.  Along the way we will take photos by the Hermitage and ride as a group all the way to our next hotel.  It’s a short day to start our long journey across Europe.

The group is a mix of alumni from previous trips and people who are trying long distance cycle touring for the first time.  Our staff is made up of 3 Europeans and a Canadian and our large blue Mercedes Sprinter is back for it’s amazing 8th Tour and looks sharper than ever after a complete makeover this past winter.  Essentially we are ready to roll.

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