UPDATED December 31, 2014

BY The TDA Team

IN 7 Epics, Company, Tour d'Afrique


UPDATED December 31, 2014

BY The TDA Team

IN 7 Epics, Company, Tour d'Afrique


Meet the 2015 Tour d’Afrique Medic – Jodi Scott

I first heard about Tour D’Afrique about 5 years ago from one of the past medics. My first two thoughts were “that sounds amazing!” quickly followed by “how can I do that?” Travelling by bike just seemed like the perfect travel speed for me. I have always said I like to travel slowly and here was a great opportunity. At the time I heard about TDA I was working as a paramedic and in nursing school…and could also barely ride a bike! Flash forward a few years and I have finished nursing school, am working as an RN in a busy emergency department, still working as a paramedic, and ride my bikes as much as possible. It seemed like the right time to apply for Tour D’Afrique.

jodi 2

I am so excited to be joining the tour as the medic this year but frequently cannot decide if I am more nervous, scared, excited or downright terrified. I have always had an interest in travel and wilderness medicine and have worked on the medical team for a seven day mountain bike race in BC for the last three years. While I think this experience and passion for providing medical care in atypical environments have helped prepare me for TDA I also feel like there is nothing that could possibly prepare me! I keep thinking of more and more ailments, diseases, medicines and procedures I should read up on, and constantly wonder if I am packing the right bike, the right gear, and the right medical supplies. I wonder if I am going to be able to hack the heat, the camping and the long days, I wonder how much I am going to miss my friends and family back home. Most of these worries seem to go away though when I think about all the amazing things I’m going to see and inspiring people I’m going to work with.


I feel like working as a medic on TDA is the perfect combination of travel, adventure, biking, and hard work. I hope to learn a lot about travel and adventure medicine, grow my practice as a paramedic and RN, meet a lot of amazing people and see a whole lot of Africa…12,000 km of it!

Jodi Scott

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Have the most AMAZING time Jodi! Take care of yourself and the other riders. You will do great! They are all in good hands with you there with them. Love ya, Jude & Rick

Hi Jodi – I hope you are all set and ready to go….and mostly comfortable and well prepared! My sister Trish will be with your group and I want all of you to have the most wonderful (yet challenging) time. Mostly of course good health and a safe return!!

Jodi – you are the bravest girl I know. I love the honesty in your intro page and your ‘gumption’ for going after what you want. I wish you beautiful scenery, wonderful friendships and fantastic memories. Talk to Lindsay on the way, she will be watching over you and wishing you well. I am so proud of you – Auntie Kathie.

All the best Jodi. I did the tour last year…incredible. Our staff was outstanding and from your write up you will do a super job.

You are amazing !! enjoy

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