UPDATED August 25, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, South American Epic

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UPDATED August 25, 2015

BY The TDA Team

IN Company, South American Epic

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The Reviews are in – ‘The Undiscovered Country’ section is amazing!

The Undiscovered Country section of the South American Epic cycling expedition was a hit:

“Coming from Belgium, I’m a bit of a flat-lander so the climbs between Medellin and Bogota were seriously challenging. And then there was the mud day right after San Marcos, which was also rough. But meeting the locals at the tiny village where we crossed the river in canoe made for a wonderfully memorable experience.” -Chris Hectors

Convoy out of Medellin en route to the coffee growing town of Manizales.

“Cycling into Medellin was brilliant. The convoy, the city’s obvious passion for cycling. We loved it.” -Nick Harrison

When cyclists rule the road. As you can see, bikes get their own lanes on Sundays for the Ciclovia.

“Regarding the cycling culture, I was very pleasantly surprised. It exceeds Belgium, for sure. I saw old people, young people, and every type of bike imaginable, which I didn’t expect at all.” -Chris Hectors

Poor, poor components

“I often found myself wondering, “Why are we taking these brutal side routes!?”. But in the end, I feel very accomplished having finished the section.” -Fred Promoli

Leaving Manizales, riders were faced with a brutal climb up to a 4,000+ meter off-road pass near Parque Nacional Nevado.

“The first section was very challenging – it really broke us down at times, but as we got fitter the climbs became much more enjoyable and the scenery impossible to beat.” -Nick Harrison

Mountain roads wind their way up above the clouds.

“Colombia is wild. Different. The mountains and diversity made me think of Switzerland. Plus, there are almost no tourists.” -Chris Hectors

Rugged. Remote. Riding.

“The day after Manizales climbing up to 4,000 meters was tough but absolutely spectacular.” -Peter Hodegs

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